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With private label candles - your very own candle brand, you can create a visual image that correlates with the perceived value associated

with your company. Having your own private label candle brand is not only a great marketing and sales tool,

it will improve customer loyalty too. We offer our services from the planning stage to the finished product. Let us know your idea and needs and we will help you create your high quality custom candle or solid perfume for your brand. We can assist on every step… from designing of packaging with your exclusive business name and/or logo to a completely custom made candle developed from scratch.

We put it all together: production, packing and shipping.


Our handcrafted methods combined with clean manufacturing principles make us an effective solution for your business needs, regardless of size or complexity. If quality is what drives you, we are the solution. At blusaffron we care about our customers and deliver only high quality products.

Our team of candle artisans, scent connoisseurs, talented graphic designers and packaging experts can assist with any aspect of your product, packaging and design process. We offer custom support to all your needs by discussing in detail every aspect of the product development.

We pride ourselves in our ability to fill a wide variety of containers.


Our designers search the world for the latest styles and trends, or they can facilitate sourcing partnerships to obtain a custom vessel reflecting your company's distinctive style: handmade or machine made glass, ceramic vessels, tins (travel sized or decorative) with or without lids. We help you select the best container for your brand and offer various ways of customizing it by decorating the glass, tin, enamel or ceramic vessel selected.


At Blusaffron we are committed to soy wax and we love using it for our projects, but we offer a wide variety custom wax blends for your candle project. You could choose to use either 100% Paraffin or Soy, Vegetable/Paraffin.


Utilizing our close partnerships with the world‘s top fragrance houses, we will help identify and acquire the desired fragrance for your product – or assist you in developing your brand's signature scent. Essential oils, nature like fragrance oils or any scent combination you might have in mind… just tell us about it and we will find the best solution for you and your brand. At Blusaffron we know how to deliver superior fragrances that are true to life, evoke memories and create new ones. Our process is designed to minimize fragrance loss during production to maximize throw at point of purchase and during use at home. We ensure the candle emits the best fragrance performance for your formulation,

whether cold or lit with a warming pool.


The most important factor in a clean-burning candle is proper wick selection. There are thousands of wicking combinations based on the wax blend, container and fragrance. Each candle is different and requires custom wick optimization to achieve a clean burn and fragrance throw. All of our wicks are lead-free; we do not use wicks with metal cores. We stock different types of cotton & wood wicks, allowing us to select the correct one to bring out your candle's best.


Blusaffron has the ability – and the interest – to create an innovative strategy for your project.

Just tell us your objective and we'll develop a program to suit all your needs.

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