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Pure soy wax candle, using a blend of custom made essential oils cotton wick, approx. 300g, up to 70 hours of burning time. Recycled glass container with cork, reusable & recyclable.


  • 5 - Spice Route

    This one is a long and amazing experience, where the smells are absolutely out of this world, like a vivid dance where the feet don't get to touch the ground. Deep & old, nostalgic, yet so modern & present, this scent is full of spices such as cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, star anise, clove and turmeric. Each note finds its rightful place in the deep, traveling aromas of this olfactory composition. Captivating & unique, this aroma alternates between sensations of freshness and warmth, topped by a clean & neverending eucalytus. Its warm and powerful signature is both fresh and burning hot, but at the same time timeless & complex.

    Available in 6 custom essential oil blends, for a complete, "around the world" experience:
    1 - En Provence
    2 - Valencia

    3 - Bora Bora
    4 - When in Rome
    5 - Spice Route
    6 - Whistler

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